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POMO - Classic Peony

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In collaboration with POMO

About the Artist

KP Wong is a contemporary Chinese ink artist based in Hong Kong. She started traditional Chinese painting whilst living in Canada in the early 80s, an interest which she continued to mature and hone into a passion even as she moved to Singapore, and eventually, Hong Kong. Over the decades, she mastered her unique style of painting traditional subjects using alternative colours, styles and brushwork. She is also an accomplished home cook and grandmother of two.


  • Anti-slip
  • Eco-friendly
  • Machine washable
  • Extra-large surface
  • Aesthetically pleasing


Vegan suede surface with a cushioned natural rubber bottom


183cm (length) x 68cm (width) 


4mm/ 1.2mm


2.6kg/ 1.2kg

Care Guide:

For light use, spray the mat with yoga mat cleaner spray, wipe with a wet towel and leave it in the shade to dry.

For heavy use, hand wash or machine wash on the gentle spin, with non-oil based washing powder (The less washing powder used, the more anti-slip the yoga mat would be). Rinse and dry the mat thoroughly. Avoid direct sun exposure.