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Our Uniqueness

What sets White Labelling above all other mats in the market is how it takes into consideration not just the health and well-being of an individual, but also the health and well-being of our planet. White Labelling also offer a plethora of designs on top of creating bespoke designs that speak to the mat user.

Our Story

Our Vision

Our Values

Personalisation - We are here to bring our yogi's dream to life. We understand that all of us are unique and we are deserve to have our very own fashion statement. White Labelling can reunite your soul with your very own pattern, colour palette and motifs.

Eco-friendly - We love our planet, and we want to uphold sustainability via our eco-friendly products. We promise that we will continue the quest to design and manufacture the most sustainable yoga mats. Our mat surface is made of vegan suede and the bottom cushion is made with natural rubber.

Luxurious - Is that even a question? Because you and I deserve the best.